Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake

It has been my good fortune to be a friend of Anthony Spirito for many years.  To befriend Anthony is to share his vision, to join him on his journey. His last name is no coincidence.  He is “Mr. Soul,” more spirit than flesh. 
In his youth he had the standard middle class training in piano, and as with all he pursued, he had a flare for it. 

Music became central to his life, (alongside golf – yes, the man is a scratch golfer!) But a hunger for resurrection, for shedding his skin and crawling off in a new form, overtook him.  Suddenly The Plan was in disorder, and Moonlight Sonata made no sense. He put down the putter and stepped back from the piano & followed some voice that was calling.

Anthony has worked in many forms over the years, always with unbridled passion, absolute devotion, & a loyalty to friends and co-workers that is rare. After receiving his certification from the NYFA (New York Film Academy) he captured the absurdity and love of Raymond Carver’s short story “Why Don’t You Dance.”

As a documentarian, with his first feature Into The Arroyo, he bought forth the hidden struggles of a dispossessed 12 year old and his family, along with exposing a broken welfare system in inner city Newark, NJ. And in his second feature, Voices From The Line, he ventured into the Arizona and Mexican wastelands to tackle the immigration issue---long before it was headline news.

Roughly six years ago a very special woman urged him to buy a cheap guitar at Target because she had a notion that he would come back full circle to the medium he loved. He laughed, but listened. Three months later he was at a crossroads & he pulled the guitar out of the closet and hasn’t stopped writing since.

The music returns, informed by Anthony’s continued journey, encompassing all his moments of inspiration and wonder, loneliness and pain, & a universal feeling we can all relate to.  All this is present in his songs. So is the eye of a filmmaker, the nose of a philosopher, and the soul of a poet. 

-S.S. Marx Spring 2014